My Story

People are infinitely individual and inspiring, with a huge capacity to learn, develop, grow and adapt (that’s the reason for the chameleon).

However, we’re also sadly good at getting in our own way and limiting our potential.

 Sometimes we don’t have the skills we need to deal with a challenge at work or at home.

 Perhaps we need to change how we are thinking about a situation.

 Or change how we behave to get a better outcome.

All the work I do is to enable learning for business performance and personal growth.

I have run my own company for 16 years. Much of my work is with Cambridge technology companies, including Microsoft, Qualcomm, Babraham Bioscience Technologies, Innovia, LGC, Expedeon & CRUK. I have also worked extensively in the private healthcare sector – clients have included The Huntercombe Group and Barchester Healthcare.

The academic part

BSc in Psychology from UCL, MA in Human Resource Management from the University of Hertfordshire, and currently studying for an MSc in Coaching & Behaviour Change at Henley Business School.

The professional part

I’m a member of the CIPD, BPS, ABP, & the AC (further explanation of any of these initials is available for the curious).


You can find out more about me on Cambridge Network and on LinkedIn.

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